From what we have started:

The Dominican online market is growing fast and the first local Internet services are entering it. One of the hottest niches - a food delivery one.

So we have got a deal on development such a service that will compete with Glovo and Uber Eats, and beat them!

From what have we started? Right, from analysis! We have learned as much as we could about the local market, how people order or buy food now, what are our competitors and how we can be the better choice for Dominicans.

What's interesting in it?

The most interesting parts are inside. We are developing a system that will allow our customer to verify restaurant and monitor their operations, and for the restaurant - to add its couriers, menu and stock balances, see the deliveries in real time and keep the books.

Couriers will get a simple and clear way to measure their income and will be able to take as much orders as they want.

The main thing - future customers will get a simple and free way to get food delivery at any time and at any place all around the Dominican republic.

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