Development of an online store

Developing your own online store or marketplace is an important task and the “cheap and high quality” rule does not work here. If you order a "store" from a freelancer on a WordPress pattern, you will still pay more - for improvements, support and, in the end, the creation of a functional store on the framework. Therefore, we recommend doing the right things right now and not to overpay;)

The creation of an online store and marketplace includes the following steps:

1. Creation of the Concept and prototypes of the future site

A team headed by a project manager, business analyst, designer and developers is allocated for you to draw up marketing and technical requirements for the future website, as well as prepare website design prototypes.

2. UI / UX design development

Based on the Concept and prototypes approved by you, the designer creates layouts of unique pages for the future site.

3. Programming

And after you approve the design, the most exciting part in the development of the site comes - programming :) We translate the image into the code (frontend) and create the functional part (backend) from scratch, according to the requirements of your project.

4. Technical and SEO optimization

In order for your site to have high positions in the search results, it must be “adjusted” to the requirements of the target search engines - as a rule, these are Google and Yandex. First of all, we increase the speed of the site, remove unused code and prescribe key queries of your target audience in the site code.

5. Quality control

Reputation is being earned for a long time, but it can be quickly lost. Therefore, we monitor the quality of the work of our employees - before the final presentation of the project to you, we test each function and command - so that you receive a finished product as soon as possible and can immediately launch advertising and make money on it!

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