Mobile application development

A mobile application, as a logical continuation of an online store, is necessary to attract more customers and keep them - after all, the application icon on the smartphone screen is much more noticeable than one of dozens of web pages in the browser. Moreover, the mobile application for e-commerce allows you to expand advertising channels - from sending push notifications directly to the screens of your customers' smartphones to accessing their geolocation, phone book, and social networks. And this data, in the hands of a competent targeting specialist, can multiply your revenue in X times.

How to start developing a mobile application?

1. Concept and prototype

From the answer to the question - why does your business need a mobile application? We will analyze your business model, customer acquisition channels, advertising costs and, based on the tasks of your business, we will prescribe a business analysis, technical requirements and create prototypes of the future service.

2. Design

The key stage in the development of a mobile application is the creation of the design. After all, design is what the user will eventually see and interact with. Its future monetization directly depends on how convenient and understandable the visual part of the site will be.

3. Development

Here we come to the most exciting stage of creating an application - programming! Everything that we thought of and drew in the design now needs to be implemented in the form of program code - frontend, backend and API.

4. Quality control

In the ideal world of ideal people, the code is immediately written with high quality and no bugs arise when the frontend connects with the backend. But we live in the real world, which means that errors in the code will inevitably be and our task at this stage is to test each function, identify all possible errors and fix them.

5. Launch of the minimum selling version

Let's be honest, the development of a mobile application will never stop :) It will constantly need to be supported, refined, added new functions, etc. But it can and should be monetized within 5-6 months after the start of work - by releasing the minimum selling version, where users can perform basic actions, and you can see if there is a demand for your hypothesis and what can be improved for the next launch.

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